2020 Look Book

Publication, Mass Production, 180 pages, Inspiration, Layout, Typography

The 2020 Look Book was distributed to over 20,000 VIP customers to keep on their coffee table and peruse in the comfort of their home. It consists of an Introduction, a Table of Contents, 5 room experiences (The Bedroom, The Bathroom, The Living Room, The Kitchen and The Dining Room) and a closing chapter (The Linen Chest Difference). Each section is meant to evoke inspiration for the home and suggest  products to the reader that will help their creative ideas come to life.

The thought process that was put into the design of this Look Book was to take the audience on a seasonal journey throughout the home: Starting in late Winter in the cozy Bedroom; moving through the Living Room with fresh spring designs; cooking and baking their way into the flavours of Summer and the comforts of Fall; and concluding with an inviting atmosphere and festive, Holiday-feel tablescape, coming full circle. 

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